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Many companies from the timber industry chose reduction, as a method to survive. In a highly competitive market, this may have been the right solution for them. However, Jagram-Pro S.A. chose a different path. We believe that by providing customers with high quality products, co-creating new, modern and interesting design, we are working towards a mutual result. We’re creating a new approach towards business.

At Jagram-Pro S.A. the process of implementing this mission begins at the stage of selecting a wood supplier. Its selection and drying. By choosing the high quality of our products, we also choose proven wood suppliers. This is why, for many years, we have been cooperating with companies that know and understand our expectations and are a part of the vision we implement. We believe it is quality, and not price, that enables building competitive leverage.

Products offered in our shop, as well as those made by special request, are executed using TCLwood618® technology which guarantees terrace roofing, wooden canopy, carport, terrace enclosure and terrace roofing. All timber arches are made from structural timber, using TCLwood618® technology from thin lamellae.


The TCLwood618® technology is a process based mainly on the quality of the raw material, as well as end products. It creates opportunities for new design but it is very demanding. It concentrates on the execution of added value for a customer, understanding the idea and presenting the best solution.
Innovativeness distinguishes a leader form a copycat TCLwood618®

Bent laminated timber are structures in a new appearance.

Jagram-Pro S.A. specialises in the manufacture of arch elements, used for creating individual and unique designs.
We cooperate with investors, designers, architects and manufacturers throughout Europe. We provide the possibility to design buildings with interesting shapes.

large element dimensions/lengths
customised shapes
ease of assembly
exceptionally fireproof
resistance to chemical agents
natural and renewable resource
eco-friendly/biodegradable material
creates living conditions which are comfortable and good for your mood

thin lamellae advantages:

smaller stresses in individual layers,
small bending radii are a greater number of layers, increasing the stability of the shape,
higher diversity of wood defects arrangement, thus, a greater strength of finished elements.

The advantages of applying TCLwood618® technology in the manufacturing process are:

Guaranteed high quality, confirmed by audits from numerous manufacturing certification bodies.
Total resistance to weather conditions
High diversity of the lamellae, thus, the possibility to eliminate wood defects
Shape stability
Small bend radius – application freedom

TCLwood618® (thin construction lamella for wooden constructions) means unique technology used to manufacture a structural element.

The technology ensures the use of thin structural lamellae, 6 mm to 18 mm thick, which provide the possibility of bending at a minimal radii. At Jagram-Pro S.A. they are already 15 cm. This guarantees that the product was manufactured as per the highest standards, with particular emphasis on quality and safe utilisation.

Advantages of polyurethane adhesives:

the possibility to glue lamellae with higher humidity, thus, decreasing humidity-related stresses in structures used outside,
no formaldehyde content,
shorter curing time, translating into shorter order lead time,
acceptable thicker adhesive-bonded joint, thus, less smooth timber adhesion surface (it enables saving timber in the lamellae preparation phase).