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Unique Projects

Unique Projects

Jagram-Pro S.A. is a socially conscious and responsible company, which is why it is not the profit and not the cost, but quality that comes first.

Unique projects, that is, unparalleled and executed according to the most challenging visions of the architects and designers, enable achieving what is impossible with other technologies. The development of TCLwood618 is a huge change in the manufacture of dormers and other specific structural elements, which are nowadays mainly reserved for plywood, OSB or simple laminated timber, which is ultimately cut into arches.
The technology enables achieving sophisticated shapes, which is particularly important in the ever-smaller public space. The ability to bend wood at minimal radii (R-15 cm) provides an opportunity for designs, which are impossible to design and implement using standard technology. Observing the global trends, we are aware that the number of such projects will grow.
Check our TCLwood618 technology. Apart from obvious technical premises, we also have purely aesthetic reasons. Elements manufactured with TCLwood technology means freedom to create finished and exceptional structures, the possibility of implementing ideas and large projects, which would be hard, or even impossible, to execute. This also means eliminating constraints and creating opportunities. We also execute individual designs on demand. The quotation is also individual in such cases. Modern technology allows us to manufacture elements starting with 1 unit!

The dynamically growing circle of regular customers and new areas of activity show that the same values are valued by our clients. Our strategy assumes further innovative solutions and an individual approach towards customer needs, creating permanent business relationships which are supposed to lead to mutual manufacturer/customer development.
Advantages Of Laminated Timber


Bent laminated timber are structures with a new appearance.
Jagram-Pro S.A. specialises in the manufacture of arch elements, used for creating individual and unique designs.
We cooperate with investors, designers, architects and manufacturers throughout Europe. We provide the possibility to design buildings with interesting shapes.