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Copenhagen – Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Bent laminated oak benches in the main lobby.
The architect wanted to achieve an oak wood monolith effect, so that the wood fibres run with the bending curvature.

The project consists of approximately 200 linear metres of bent benches and backrests. The benches smoothly pass from concave to convex shapes, almost without any straight sections. 6 mm thick, 50 mm wide and 10 m long lamellae were used for the seating. Over 80 such lamellae were laminated on one press loading, in order to achieve a seating width of 50 cm. The backrests did not require the lamination of such a large lamellae number. However, the ones used were as wide as 220 mm with a 6 mm thickness.
In order to achieve the spectacular “ribbon” effect, the greatest bending radius was below 2 m, while the smallest just below 1 m.