Jagram-Pro S.A.


According to the concept, the executed structure was to be impact resistant, but yet extremely flexible. Bent laminated timber fits this description ideally.


The height of the structure is almost 6 m, the diameter of the bells go up to 9m and the ramp length is approximately 15 m.
The designer assumed that the wooden fibres were not to be cut. Cutting timber at small bending radii, but also in very thin strips and with a great number of its layers, became quite a challenge. The entire structure weighs several tonnes. Which is just a fraction of the mass of similar objects, executed using traditional methods.
The project was implemented with the use of Scandinavian spruce wood of very high quality.
10 mm thick, 63 mm wide and up to 8 m long lamellae were used, in order to achieve
the required shape. Glued elements are as much as 140 cm at their widest point. In order to laminate individual supports, as many as 140 lamellae were used.