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The accreditation we have received confirms the high quality of the product at each manufacturing stage, from the moment of sawn timber arrival, until the product is accepted by a customer.

Our certificates are official, and you can approach the auditing organisation by stating our number.

Products from other companies without accreditation often do not meet these standards. These products may not deviate visually at the beginning but differences may start to appear during the installation. Regarding, execution, precision, fitting or durability.

There are no other standard compliance certificates than the ones below. If a company is boasting of having certificates and/or meeting the standards, then check the product before purchasing!

PN-EN ISO 9001

Jagram-Pro S.A. owns an ISO 9001:2009 certificate
The quality management system is compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, which
is a global standard for enterprise functioning.
The requirements of the standard are as follows:
they apply to all types of activities of enterprises (manufacturing, services) and other organisations (offices, health care facilities, schools, etc.)
An enterprise with a quality management system implemented as per the ISO 9001:2008 standard and its efficiency confirmed with a certificate, proves to its customers that it is reliable, and acts in an organised manner, which guarantees the high quality of all products and services provided to customers


Jagram-Pro S.A. laminates according to the EN14080:2013 standard, in the GL 24h strength class. It means that:
– minimum bending resistance of a wedged joint is 24 MPa (stated in a declaration of performance parameters).
– the adhesive used for the structures is Purbond HB360–stated on the certificate.

FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council

FSC® criteria cover:
– protection against illegal use and development of forest areas
– limiting the use of chemical protection agents for plants
– the right to exploit forest resources of native populations and local communities
– ensuring the right of association as per the relevant conventions of the International Labour Organisation
– sustainable acquisition of forest resources, not exceeding a level which will permanently prevent their renewal
– the protection of rare and endangered species and their habitats
– maintaining or improving the condition of forests with particular protective value, artificial fertilisers and biological control agents, protecting the health and safety of forest employees
– prohibited use of genetically modified organisms
– tight control and monitoring of the application of species of foreign origin
– prohibition of creating new plantations at the expense of natural and semi-natural forests

PEFC™ – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

PEFCTM Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international organisation
which promotes sustainable forest management, with the help of a forest
certification and labelling system for forest material products.
Product with a PEFC™ declaration and/or label guarantee the end customers and end consumers
that a given raw material comes from forests managed in a manner compliant with the requirements and
from a material, which was recycled and/or is from a controlled source.

Declaration of Performance