Jagram-Pro S.A.

Revelatio Single Carport

wiata garażowaRevelatio carport containing laminated timber in the form of square timber and arches. A wooden garage for a single vehicle. An ideal product for people, who do not have a lot of available area for development. The durability and stability of the structure is guaranteed by laminated timber.

total length: 5799 mm
total width: 2920 mm
operating width: 2600 mm
total height: 3210 mm
operating height: 2850 mm
entrance opening operating height: 2215 mm
roof slope: 19 degrees

Raw material: Scandinavian spruce,
Lamination class: GL-24,
Impregnation: pressure impregnation with a chromium-free agent
Planed wood: yes.

Our carport is a car shelter-type structure, made entirely out of structural, bent laminated timber. The number of spaces above shows how many vehicles may be stored. The quality of wood used for the carport is governed by strict guidelines verified by our quality controllers, from the moment sawn timber enters a Jagram-Pro S.A. Susz manufacturing plant, to packaging and shipping via our transportation, or external forwarding, all over Poland.
Our professionalism started 30 years ago when the company was established. The most important aspect at that time was quality and earning the certificates to prove our quality was of paramount importance.