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Concertina Mini

Concertina Mini

Concertina Mini membrane roofing is a universal type of roofing designed for a gazebos or small car shelters. Its modern structure allows for easy adaptation on small, as well as large plots.

Durable PVC cloth enables year-round use. In the summer, it can serve as roofing, providing cover against burning sun and rain, while in the winter, it can protect your car against frosting.

The bent supports with a 120 x 120 mm section form a beautiful and robust structure. The timber used is Scandinavian spruce in the GL-24 lamination strength class.

Our membrane roofing are structures of the wooden roofing type. Membrane roofing is made entirely out of structural, bent laminated timber. The quality of wood used for the carport is governed by strict guidelines verified by our quality controllers, from the moment sawn timber enters a Jagram-Pro S.A. Susz manufacturing plant, to packaging and shipping via our transportation, or external forwarding, all over Poland.

concertina mini