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Roof dormers

Roof dormers

Roof Dormers are special developments in a roof, which provide the possibility of embedding a window or other type of glazing.

lukarna w dachu

All types of superstructures provide the possibility of the additional development of usable space. A roof dormer has many names, sometimes being called an ox-eye window or a bull’s eye.

Roof dormers executed by Jagram-Pro S.A. are special wooden structures executed with TCLwood618 ® technology for bent laminated timber. Each wooden dormer (bull’s eye) manufactured by us is created individually. There are no off-the-shelf finished products, as there aren’t any finished housing designs. They are ideal for steep roofs with a slope of over 45 degrees, forming an easy to use corridor with a dormer (bull’s eye).

Order/send your design for verification and quotation by our experienced team.

lukarny dachowe

The height of an arch should be constant for all elements, making installation easier. However, the number of arches should be selected in such a way, so as to easily shape the roof. For a roof dormer, usually 3 to 7 units are used, depending on the length of a dormer (bull’s eye). Thus, prepared roof dormer elements will surely not be a problem for an experienced roofer, and the repeatability of the shapes enable constructing a roof dormer next to each other, so that they look like a mirror image and the entire roof looks exceptional. An additional assay when we want to achieve an additional attic area with a comfortable height for an average person, is using a recommended, single, bigger dormer (bull’s eye) covering a significant section of the roof.
roof dormer

Houses with a roof dormer (bull’s eye) or several dormers in a roof, ensure a very picturesque and exceptional “home-made” climate.

Please remember that if you would like to install roof dormers in a used house, you need to obtain a new permit for a modified design.