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Wooden Arches

Wooden Arches

The wooden arches we have on offer comprise over 1000 wooden shapes of different forms and dimensions. Wooden arches are the base for the construction of production halls, swimming pool structures, churches, offices, apartment buildings, terrace roofing, carports, bridges, hammocks, gazebos, garden architecture products and semi-products, e.g., wooden pergola arch, dormers, bull’s eyes, exhibition spaces. Laminated timber arches.Łuki z drewna klejonego

Dźwigary drewniane klejone

Structural arches are made from laminated timber, formed as a result of gluing together an adequate number of thin lamellae. These lamellae are used to shape the arches with a specially designed press, and then glued together with polyurethane adhesives. The end result is the possibility to create multi-axial arches. With a good price to material consumption ratio.

Our arches manufactured with bent laminated structural timber technology are modern, eco-friendly and lightweight materials. They enable the construction of advanced structures from simple garden ones to large structures that utilise powerful, 18-metre laminated timber girders. Reconstruction of buildings where wooden structural arches replace damaged, often historic, separated building elements.

Łuki klejone

Laminated arches

Laminated arches are also used as roof rafters, thus creating modern carports, roofing and canopies with contemporary design. In its entirety, this gives unlimited structural possibilities. Laminated timber arches are glued together using technologies confirmed with certificates (link), under the full responsibility of the manufacturer, namely, Jagram-Pro S.A.

Laminated timber arches mean good aesthetics, quick and easy assembly, and all elements with bent lamination technology are finished in a manner which enables their accurate and easy installation. Because of the possibility to freely shape the timber, a round roof shape is no longer a issue and we do not have to adapt existing standards, since we can obtain the product we want exactly.

Łuki drewniane konstrukcyjne

Our offer includes arches for garden design, carport, roofing, structures and roof dormers. Apart from arches, we also have dedicated square timber, as well as grouped in terms of the cross-section.

Łuki drewniane

The results of our experience are unique, fully individual structures, which utilise the potential of bent laminated timber arch
structures with element processing we can boast of throughout the world. Oslo, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Copenhagen, France and Wrocław are only a few of the locations where are products are installed.