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Jagram-Pro S.A.

Founded in 1987, Jagram-Pro S.A. is a manufacturer of glulam curved beams. We provide glulam to the broadest range of projects, from individual structures to the finished terrace roof structures, carports and semi-products for installing timber roof trusses or wooden canopies.

Ensuring high-quality products and services is our main objective. Our customer relations are characterised by reliability, timeliness and trust.

In a dynamically growing market, it is worth feeling the support of a stable partner, who understands and meets our expectations. This is why we are continuously developing and searching for new solutions which could support the implementation of the most interesting projects.


How is it made?

Glue laminated timber (Glulam) is a manufactured building product used for load-bearing structures. It is made by jointing together individual layers of timber boards with moisture-resistant adhesives. Curved beams are made by clamping glued lamella around an arrangement of clamp frames using hydraulics. Various radii are attained by adjusting the clamp layout and using different lamination thickness. Our TCLWood618 technology ensures the use of very thin structural lamellas, 6 mm to 18 mm thick and the thinner the lamellas are the easier is to achieve the tighter radii.

Wood species

Scandinavian spruce, pine, larch. Other less common species upon special request.

BSH strength classes

GL24h, all products manufactured are CE marked

Wood moisture content

Timber is subjected to controlled drying
Max 18%

Lamination thickness

in accordance with TCLWood618 technology– from 6mm up to 18mm which allows us to achieve tightest curves – from R-1080mm


Curved: demi-circle, circles, roof dormers, omega, ½ omega, swimming pool covers
Double glued beams: maximum width 1200mm


non-toxic, polyurethane, waterproofed adhesives

Lead time

up to 6 weeks

Volumes of the project

From 1m3

Product certification

It is of high importance for us to go green that is why the raw material used to manufacture our glulam beams come from suppliers who run proper forest management and are certified as FSC® or PEFC™.

Impregnation of the construction timber

Korasit®NG – provides wood with preventative protection from wood-destroying fungi (rot), insects and termites.

TCLwood618 ®

The fruit of our labour is patenting and implementing the unique technology – TCLwood618 ® (thin construction lamella for wooden constructions) which ensures the use of very thin structural lamellas, 6 mm to 18 mm thick, providing the possibility of bending at a minimal radius (any radii desired from R-1080mm)