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Who we are?

Jagram-Pro S.A. is a manufacturer of bent laminated elements forming individual structures, finished terrace roofing structures, carports and semi-products for installing wooden roofing or wooden canopies Jagram-Pro S.A. was founded in 1987, based on the passion for wood. Our objective is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality. Our customer relations are characterised by reliability, timeliness and trust. We have business partners we have been cooperating with for several years, actively participating in mutual development.

In a dynamically growing market, it is worth feeling the support of a stable partner, who understands and meets our expectations. This is why we are continuously developing and searching for new solutions which could support the implementation of the most interesting projects.

Our strength is in the people who form our company. The success of a company is the joint effort of everyone, which is why we mainly see people in our customers.

TCLwood618 ®

We execute individual designs, benefiting from our experience and state-of-the-art technology. Jagram-Pro S.A. is a leading European manufacturer of bent laminated elements.

The fruit of this labour is the patenting and implementation of a unique technology named TCLwood618.

The material used for the manufacture of our elements comes from suppliers who run proper forest management and are certified as FSC® or PEFC™.


How is it done?

Jak to jest zrobione

Our long-term experience and use of the highest quality sawn timber, sorted and dried to 18% humidity, ensure the best quality and finishing aesthetics. The option to freely shape the wood opens design perspectives of unlimited possibilities. We can make exactly the product that we need.

Flexibility towards customer needs, an individual approach to order execution, short lead times and huge product portfolio diversity are the main elements of theJagram-Pro S.A. strategy. The current manufacturing capacity of the company amounts to 180k arch pieces a month, 1000 different forms and shapes, from 40 cm to 19 m in length. The smallest laminated timber bending radius is R-15 cm!

drewno gięto-klejone

The offered products are widely appreciated by even the most demanding customers, thanks to their high quality and exceptional shapes.