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The wooden arches on offer comprise over 1000 wooden shapes, of different forms and dimensions.

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wooden arches

Fencing, pergola arches

Arches for garden design is a set of products and semi-products, matched to the needs and demands of the customers. It includes swings, pergola arches and fencing arches.

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Carport arches are a set of products including finished structures. Wooden canopies, intended for sheltering cars are an eco-friendly, modern alternative to traditional carport designs.

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Wooden terrace roofing Dalia

Terrace roofing

Roofing arches are a set of products including Verona, Dalia and Simple structures. Terrace roofing, intended for building a terrace over with a wooden structure, is eco-friendly and a modern alternative to traditional roofing designs.

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entry roofing

Door Roofing

Semi-circular Roofing over the front door are an ideal solution, protecting against weather conditions.

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Roof dormers

Roof dormers

Roof dormers are a special development for roofing, which provide the possibility of embedding a window or other type of glazing. All types of superstructures provide the possibility of further developing usable space. Roof dormers have many names, sometimes being called an ox-eye window or a bull’s eye

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Oslo – Skatepark


Unique products are concepts by our customers, who chose not to take shortcuts but instead beefed up and used the potential of bent laminated structures to create completely new, exceptional and fully customised structures.

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